On-Farm Classes

Class is in session!

Lasagna Gardening

Learn how to build a raised bed garden using a unique layering technique. You will also learn about simple season extension that will keep you eating fresh from your garden long after everyone else’s garden has been put to bed for the winter. Cost $ 35

Jammin’ up Some Tasty Berries

Go to a local blueberry farm, harvest blueberries right off the vines. Once back at Evans Knob Farm learn how to prepare these berries for freezing and jam. Learn the difference between jelly and jam and take home 6 jars of yummy goodness for your pantry. Cost $50, all inclusive.

Stocking up the Pantry

A basic course in canning, freezing and drying summer’s bounty. While fresh is always better, preserving surplus veggies and fruits during the peak of the season makes a healthy and economic option for the long winter. Safely preserving food is a folk-art that deserves to be resurrected. Come and learn the basic techniques and equipment needed to “put up” the bounty. Cost $75, includes lunch. Certified organic fare from Evans Knob Farm.

Spinning the Woolies

A beginner’s class on learning how to spin wool into yarn. Participants will observe sheep being sheared and then will go through the steps of preparing the wool for spinning. Students will have the opportunity to try their hand at 2 types of spinning wheels and learn the differences of each wheel. Cost $75, includes Evans Knob lunch.

Knit One, Pearl Two

Learn the basics of knitting. Getting started with a cast on stitch, then learning the knit and pearl stitches. Each student will receive a beginner’s kit containing Evans Knob Hand spun wool yarn, knitting needles and a simple pattern for either a scarf or hat. Cost $35

Get Hooked On Crochet

Do two needles seem too intimidating? Try crochet, one hook. Participants will learn the basic crochet stitches and receive a crochet kit containing Evans Knob Hand Spun wool yarn, crochet hook and a simple scarf pattern. Cost $35

Kids Felting Day

Kids will have to opportunity to learn about sheep, the production of wool and yarns. During a hands on time, they will make a wool felted toy. Cost $20 per child.

Interesting in learning a lost art?

We have had so many requests and comments about the things that we do on the Knob that we decided to offer a series of classes on the lost arts. If your interested in taking part of one of these classes please contact us about dates.